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Donald Jenkins writes, inter alia, about politics. He co-founded Policymakr, an online think-tank. He takes photographs and tweets as @donaldjenkins.

Notable posts

The strange death of Tory England

The Tory Party should use its likely long period in opposition to re-embrace traditional values

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Non-human animal rights: the categorical imperative of our time

I describe the cruelty of the modern factory farm, the framework legitimising dominion by man over non-humans, the evidence that animals have the ability to feel pain and pleasure, and suggest a philosophical framework to make them citizens.

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Brexit: time to move on

The time has come for us as a country to plan our future in the new trading and political context for which the Government has received an unambiguous mandate, after four years of relentless and hysterical debate over the merits and demerits of Brexit.

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Connecting WordPress, Lightroom and Apple Photos

How I integrate Apple Photos, Lightroom and WordPress by building on Lightroom's by sychronising the cloud-based Lightroom CC and the desktop-oriented Lightroom Classic CC and Meow Apps's WP/LR Sync plugin for WordPress.

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Brexit would be constitutional and economic suicide

There is a way out of the unprecedented crisis in which the UK has been plunged by the Brexit referendum: constitutionally, the result does not bind the Government or Parliament

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The absurdity of Brexit

The Conservative case for Remain: from a British perspective, the case for continued membership of the European Union, with the numerous opt-outs secured by the UK, is overwhelming

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What Donald Jenkins writes about

As evidenced by the selection of articles and by the tag list above, I write about a wide range of interests. In recent years these have mainly focused on British and French politics, and on my geeky path as a code writer.

Brief CV

I read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Magdalen College, Oxford, and government at École nationale d’administration. I have worked in merchant banking, the media, public administration and contemporary art. My main subjects of interest and concern are the environment, animal rights, politics and technology. I ride a bicycle and am a vegan.