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Donald Jenkins writes, takes photographs and dabbles in web design. He’s also a co-founder of the political social network start-up Policymakr. He currently lives in New York City.

More about Donald Jenkins

Donald read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Magdalen College, Oxford, and government at École nationale d’administration. He has worked in merchant banking, the media, public administration and contemporary art. His main subjects of interest and concern are the environment, animal rights, politics and technology. He rides a bicycle and is a vegan.


I don’t just take pictures, I also write. The full list of topics is on the Articles page, but I mainly write about politics, tech, and culture. In addition to subjects of a strictly personal nature, I’ve also occasionally written about literature and religion.

Politics are hardly a side interest, as can be seen from the articles collected here. I first indulged my taste for politics and current affairs at Oxford at the Oxford Union Society, and then as a student in Paris, where I was President of Conférence Olivaint.

Subjects I’m passionate about include code, good web design, Net neutrality, and avoiding government interference in the Internet. I write a lot about Apple-related stuff, blogging techniques and trends in social networks.

My interests span contemporary art, which has surrounded me ever since my infancy, heraldry, music, especially from Mozart up to the mid-Romantic period, as well as well-sung English choral music from the sixteenth, seventeenth and nineteenth centuries. I have worked in the field of culture and media in various capacities.

Go to the Articles page for a full list, and bear in mind I write irregularly.


For regular photos go to Instagram. But for more serious photos going back to 2006, head to Flickr. This site also has a dedicated Photos page.