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Privacy Policy changelog

The archived versions are not current. Please read the current Privacy Policy. Changes other than grammatical or typographical fixes are posted to Donald Jenkins’s Twitter feed.

12th January, 2021
Notice given of changes · Typos
Grammatical corrections and typos no longer posted to Twitter feed. Miscellaneous typos.

27th December, 2020
Clarifications and new safeguards
Definitions added. Introduction rewritten and clarified. References to Google Analytics improved and clarified. Information sharing cases clarified. Reasons why California Consumer Privacy Act not applicable explained. Undertaking to post notice on Twitter of changes to Privacy Policy introduced. Concluding personal statement by Website owner added.

30th May, 2019
New Privacy Policy
New completely rewritten Privacy Policy. Introduction of definitions, collection of Personal Information: Google Analytics; Contact Form. GDPR Policy. Retention policy. Disclaimers. Information on User Rights. Complaint Procedure.

7th March, 2012
Initial Privacy Policy
First introduction of a Privacy Policy. Attribution: Automattic Privacy Policy with Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Generic license.