Information about Donald Jenkins


As Apple started producing increasingly seriously good cameras in their phones, I started using my phone for the vast majority of my pictures. Many of the pictures on this page were taken with one. For serious pictures, have a look at  Flickr, for more frequent updates, go to  Instagram. I tend to prefer working in black and white, but that isn’t by any means a systematic rule.

Black and white

Most of my favorite photographs—in keeping with my minimalist approach to art and to design—are black and white: these ones were shot all over the world.


Sometimes colour is so intrinsically part of a scene that it makes no sense to strip it out. These are a few examples, in very different contexts, of such situations. Go to  Flickr to see a wider range.


The places I have most enjoyed photographing in Paris are the Tuileries Gardens and the Pompidou Centre in Beaubourg.


Having not returned to the Holy Land since having gone there with my parents at the age of three, I went again, finally, on a pilgrimage to the Holy Places in 2014—and have not looked back since. Now the land of Jesus, which happens to also be the Promised Land of the Jewish people, has become my most regular destination, effectively a second home.

Archie and Peggy

Burmese cats Archie, whom I adopted in December 2015, and Peggy, who joined us in July 2016, have changed my life completely for the better. They are supremely intelligent and capable of greater loyalty, and of giving more affection, than any human I have encountered, with few exceptions. They have provided the inspiration needed on the way to becoming a vegan.

And finally…

These were taken at various stages in my life in Geneva, Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Oxford, Paris, and New York.