Like the first Queen Elizabeth, I firmly believe in not putting windows into men’s souls (oral tradition, the words very possibly originating in a letter drafted by Bacon; in J. B. Black Reign of Elizabeth 1558–1603 [1936]). Yet like the second Queen of the same name, I take my religion (relatively) seriously and have occasionally shared thoughts about the subject here.

And the Word was made flesh. Got that?

Quite simply put, the most important words ever written: a recollection for Christmas.

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Benedict XVI: a traditionalist, yet more in tune with the realities of this age than his predecessor

The Pope's recent comments on the justification of using contraception are nothing more than the reaffirmation of traditional Christian doctrine

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Does being for the Liberty of England still mean being for the Protestant religion?

The Settlement Act enacted in 1701 is likely to be consigned to the dustbin of History at some point between now and the next Proclamation

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Feminists and homophobes have destroyed a unique four-hundred-and fifty-year-old English compromise

Virulent feminism and assertive homophobic prejudice have destroyed a quintessentially English compromise: Anglicanism. Yet the issues that have caused the most rancour are actually trivial and non-doctrinal.

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Oh, so the Pope abolished Limbo, did he?

Although belief in Limbo is common, the Roman Catholic church has never formally proclaimed its existence as a dogma in which its membership must believe

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The four traditionalist bishops: were they ever validly excommunicated?

There are sound theological reasons to believe that the four traditionalist SSPX bishops were never validly excommunicated in the first place

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