Why I've decided to keep a blog

 3rd July, 2005

I’ve decided to keep a blog.

I’ve always enjoyed writing down my thoughts, but before the Internet, this took the form of a diary I kept at school, which I’ve sporadically updated, with very long interruptions, ever since. But this was really for my own personal use, as I find it useful to compare my feelings about events at the time of their occurrence with my later vision as shaped by the benefit of hindsight. I was occasionally asked to contribute articles for publications, although this not something I’ve so far pursued with any zeal.

But a blog, available for anyone to read, easy to update, that can stay online for ever if I so choose… I think I’ll enjoy that and I hope it won’t be a passing fad, although I know I’ll probably post irregularly. In the past year or so, my life has changed pretty radically: I’m engaged in a challenging job that I’m passionate about. And there’s been change on the personal front as well. I won’t necessarily have masses of time for this, but the motivation is there.

And I’m also curious to get to grips with the technical aspects. The Internet, for me, has been the realisation of a childhood dream: making every possible bit of information accessible worldwide. I’m keen that this should not be just a one-way process, and to make my own modest contribution to the system. I hope I’ll be up to the challenge.